Recommended Contractors in San Diego

The buying process may be over when you move into your new San Diego home, but the work of owning a home never stops! Throughout the life of your home, you’re likely to need the help of a whole variety of professional contractors, from plumbers to landscapers to roofers. Just like you need a buyer’s agent you can trust, you need contractors you can trust, too!

To help my clients, I’ve put together a list of some of the best San Diego contractors. These are people who either I or my clients have had good experiences with and who I would recommend and trust to work in my own home. Please keep in mind that everyone has different tastes and opinions. I cannot vouch for the work of any of these contractors for legal reasons (gotta love how litigious California is!), but each of these are contractors with whom either my clients or I have had good experiences. Please let me know if you have a contractor to add to (or remove from) the list. I always recommend that you interview 3-4 contractors for any job you’re doing at your home. You’ll learn a lot by taking the extra time, and you’ll have a much better chance of choosing a contractor with whom you’ll be the most happy!


  • Boyce’s Roofing
  • TAG Construction and Roofing
  • Oceanside Roofing
  • All Seasons Roofing
  • TR Construction
  • The Roof Masters
  • California Premier Roofscapes
  • CSR Plumbing
  • Tomo’s Service Plumbing
  • Plein Plumbing
  • Raceway Electric
  • Arce Builders - talk to Lugo or Michael (brothers)
  • Milholland Electric
  • ER Electric
Civil Engineers/Structural Engineers
Geotechnical Engineers
  • Michael Hart Engineering (engineering geologist)
Landscapers/Outdoor Projects
  • Ryel Landscapes and Home Services
  • Gordy's Stump Grinding
  • Perpetual Tree (Mike) - Tree Removal
  • Royall Painting (858-255-9571)
  • Pipeline Painting - Jason (619-672-6633)
General Contractors/Construction
  • TAG Construction and Roofing
  • RAD Construction (foundation specialists)
  • All Seasons General Contracting
  • Classic Home Improvements
  • Precision Renovations
  • Jim Davis (good contractor for all sorts of medium-sized jobs, possibly even some large jobs: 619-565-9802,
  • Vanberg Construction
  • Lars Construction
  • Hultenius Construction
  • TR Construction
Fireplaces/Chimney Maintenance
  • Authentic Fireplaces, Inc. (Chimney repair and maintenance - last time I checked $1000 gets you a full chimney inspection and basic repairs.)
  • San Diego Fence Co.
  • Alpine Fence Co
Heating and Air
  • Indoor Weather (Heating and Air): Jack Hoskin
  • Gladstone Heating and Air
  • Guthrie and Sons
  • Garage Experts
  • ClickonFloors (One of my recent clients used them for all their flooring, both wood floors and tile)
  • Abbey Carpet and Floors
  • RAD Construction (foundation specialists)
  • Atlas Footing Repair

 Raising Your Sunken Living Room Floor:

  • Aging In Place (Tyler Owen)


If you need a specialist that’s not listed here, you might call one of the companies listed above and ask for a referral. Or call me, as my list continues to grow, and I’m always excited to hear from you!


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