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About Buyer Agency: 3 Reasons to Hire a San Diego Exclusive Buyer Agent

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REASON #1: Representation: Your real estate agent should be working for you (not for the seller).

True Representation is the original reason that exclusive buyer agency became an option for home buyers (in the 1980's). Understanding how agency works is simple:

Seller's Agent represents the seller (and is obligated to work for the seller's best interests). Will a seller's agent show homes for sale to a San Diego home buyer? Most likely, yes (preferably his own listings or his brokerage's listings). Will the seller's agent represent the buyer and his/her interests, protect the buyer's confidentiality, and negotiate on the buyer's behalf? No. He cannot, because he already represents the seller.

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Dual Agency occurs when a San Diego real estate company represents both the buyer and seller in the same transaction. A dual agent cannot possibly represent the best interests of the buyer and the seller at the same time. How can one agent work to get the seller the highest price and best terms while also working to get the buyer the lowest price and best terms? It's impossible.

The same holds true if one hires a buyer's agent who works for a traditional brokerage. If the buyer writes an offer on one of that brokerage's listings, the brokerage is acting as a dual agent, representing both sides of the transaction. The only interest fully protected in a dual agency transaction is that of the real estate agent and his/her broker - they 'double-end' the transaction and pocket both sides of the commission.

Exclusive Buyer Agency is the best option for home buyers who want an agent who represents buyers only. A San Diego exclusive buyer brokerage never takes a listing and never represents a seller, eliminating the dual agency conflict of interest. As a San Diego exclusive buyer agent, I can show my clients any property for sale in San Diego, including properties listed for sale in the Sandicor MLS, unlisted properties, for-sale-by-owners, bank-owned foreclosures, short sales, etc. An exclusive buyer agent's job is to represent homebuyers only, and I am legally obligated to look out for the best interests of the buyer (your interests) throughout your transaction.

REASON #2: Loyalty: Your real estate agent should be loyal to you.

When I commit to taking on a new client, I am pledging to go above and beyond the usual REALTOR® call of duty (see Globella's Code of Ethics). 

When you hire me as your exclusive buyer agent, you are hiring an advisor, a teammate, and a consultant who will help guide you through each phase of your home buying journey. Your goals are my goals. Your schedule is my schedule. Your purchase is my purchase.  

I take extra measures to make sure I am working with qualified, motivated, and loyal buyers, which enables me to commit 100% to you and offer you the best buyer representation services in San Diego.

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REASON #3: Specialization: Your real estate agent should have special experience and skills to help you achieve your home-buying goals.

Would you have a dentist perform your back surgery? Would you hire a diesel mechanic to fix your flat screen T.V.? Of course not. You would hire the expert that specializes in the task to be performed. Buying a home in San Diego will likely be one of the largest purchases you make in your entire life, and it only makes sense to hire an Expert Home Buying Specialist to help you purchase your next San Diego home.

Every year, I find new ways to hone my buyer representation skills (such as negotiation skills), attending courses and training to become a better buyer's broker, formulating agreements that protect the buyer's best interests, networking with the top professionals in the area and with other top buyer's agents around the country, etc.

Because I specialize in representing buyers, you can rest assured that you will maximize your savings of time and money while avoiding frustrating hassles - and ultimately find the property that's right for you! To start the process, contact me to schedule an interview. I look forward to hearing from you!

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San Diego exclusive buyer's agent, Justin GrammJustin Gramm is the founder and principal broker of Globella Buyers Realty, your San Diego Exclusive Buyer Brokerage. He also writes a blog, "For San Diego Home Buyers."

Exclusive Buyer Agents do not list homes for sale and never represent sellers. They have no "inventory" to try to sell you. They can represent you in purchasing any home. They are specialists at representing buyers only on the buyers' side of the transaction. Exclusive Buyer Agents work to get buyers the best price and terms when they buy a home.

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If you have excellent credit and plan to buy a home or condo in San Diego County within 90 days, contact Justin Gramm to hire an agent on your side of the transaction. Call Justin at (858) 437-2662 or  E-mail.

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