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Below is a testimonial letter from some great clients, Michael and Christina. We looked at many resale properties, but in the end I helped them buy a brand new home directly from the builder. Here is what they had to say about hiring me as their San Diego exclusive buyer agent:


San Diego New Construction Buyers AgentWhile my wife and I were preparing to purchase our first home we read a few books for new home buyers and did a fair amount of research on the internet. The suggestion to consider an exclusive buyers agent came up on several occasions during our research. Having an agent that specialized in buyers needs was an appealing proposition. In addition, during our research we had read about the risk involved with dual agency situations and the conflict of interest that can ensue. Eliminating such a potential situation from the outset was a concern for us. With the largest purchase of our life we wanted to ensure that the person representing us was without question on OUR side.


We ended up interviewing several real estate agents with many different backgrounds. Some were with larger agencies, some were with smaller agencies, we even contacted other exclusive buyers agents. Justin by far outshined them all. At our first meeting Justin gave us a very detailed information session about what to expect in the months ahead using current data based on information we had given him for our search criteria. He gave a preliminary analysis of the San Diego market for the price range that we were looking at (positives and negatives of foreclosed properties, short sales, absorption rate for San Diego, average time on the market etc.) In just a short period of time we felt much more prepared. With all this information obtained during the brief interview process, even before we had hired him, we could not wait to see what else he would be able to offer.


Justin went through and answered every question we had for him (the only agent that actually followed through with this). In addition to giving us several reasons why we SHOULD hire him he also gave us several reasons why we should NOT hire him. There are multiple reasons why any agent may not be the right fit for a specific buyer. Justin was the only one we met that was honest, forthright and confident enough in his abilities to present this at the outset so that both parties have as much information as possible prior to entering into a very important business arrangement. Lastly, what really stood out for us was Justin’s drive towards improving himself through continuing education and certifications. Rather than settling for “good enough” and taking the easy route he strives to further educate and improve himself and his knowledge of his chosen field, thereby finding ways to become a more effective representative for his clients. After our initial meeting, my wife and I were confident that Justin was the perfect match for us.


In the following months there were several instances where my wife and I found ourselves in stressful situations, which frequently happens during the home buying process. It was during this time that Justin really came through for us. He was always available to answer all the questions we had (often the same question multiple times). He frequently was able to help give us perspective on our situation, help come up with a strategy to move forward and navigate us through often difficult waters.


During this entire process Justin was continuously working diligently towards our best interest. There was never a moment when he did not present himself professionally. Because of this we always felt confident having him act as our representative. He always wore business attire when interacting with sellers and their agents. Surprisingly, we found out this was not common among other agents and these other parties would frequently remark on Justin's professionalism. As an illustration of the type of personal service Justin provides, he made it a point to deliver all our offers in person which is a practice not frequently done especially with the simple and easy alternative of electronic communication. We found out this served multiple purposes. Not only did it allow the seller to put a face to the offer, potentially giving us an edge when it came time for consideration, but it allowed him the opportunity to interact and speak with the seller thereby obtaining vital information which otherwise would have been overlooked during the process. This information became very useful on several occasions.


Ultimately, we credit Justin with finding us our dream home. We were fairly set on purchasing a resale until Justin convinced us to take a look at some newly built developments which we had resisted until that time. We trusted his advice and during his time with us he was able to develop a good idea of what we were looking for. As it turns out he knew what we wanted better than we did. The entire process was not exactly simple, but without Justin’s assistance it would likely never have happened at all. As a result I am writing this letter of recommendation from the office of my new dream home. I speak with a fair amount of certainty that without Justin’s continued hard work and diligence, combined with a fair amount of patience, my wife and I would not be as happy with our home purchase. We continually recommend Justin to everyone we know. If you are unsure whether he is the right agent for you then please do yourself a favor and at least sit down with him for the initial interview. It is highly likely that at a minimum he will be able to present you with new information that will give you an idea of what to expect with your home search. It was one of the best decisions my wife and I have made. 


Michael & Christina D.


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Justin Gramm is the founder and principal broker of Globella Buyers Realty, your San Diego Exclusive Buyer Brokerage. He also writes this blog, "For San Diego Home Buyers."

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Globella Buyers Realty > About > Testimonials > Review from Michael and Christina 


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