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92109 Exclusive Buyer Agent - Pacific Beach Realtor for Buyers

92109 Exclusive Buyer Agent San Diego - Pacific Beach Realtor for BuyersWhat are you actually looking for when you're looking for a 92109 (Pacific Beach) exclusive buyer's agent?

Someone who can:
Show you all the homes that meet your needs (not just his/her own listings)? Inform you throughout the whole process, so you can make educated decisions? Schedule and attend all property viewings with you? Negotiate on your behalf to help you get the best price and terms? Make good on his promise to never be a dual agent? Someone you can count on to be on your side throughout the entire process? Welcome to Globella Buyers Realty, San Diego's premier exclusive buyer agency for residential real estate.

Hi, I'm Justin Gramm. As Globella's principal broker and 92109 Pacific Beach exclusive buyer agent, I can help you:

  • Learn about what's going on in today's marketplace
  • Locate and view properties of interest
  • Compare and analyze recent sales to determine the market value of homes of interest
  • Draft and negotiate offers to purchase
  • Make sense of the paperwork
  • Schedule and complete inspections and other property investigations
  • Review reports, disclosures, and other documents
  • Make informed decisions

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If you're interested in potentially hiring a 92109 (Pacific Beach) exclusive buyer agent to go to work for you, the first step is to schedule a free initial consultation. This consultation/interview will give us a chance to talk about the home buying process and answer all your questions about how I work. Call 858-437-2662 or email me at info@globella.com to schedule a meeting.


Justin Gramm is the founder and principal broker of Globella Buyers Realty, your San Diego Exclusive Buyer Brokerage. He also writes this blog, "For San Diego Home Buyers."

Exclusive Buyer Agents do not list homes for sale and never represent sellers. They have no "inventory" to try to sell you. They can represent you in purchasing any home. They are specialists at representing buyers only on the buyers' side of the transaction. Exclusive Buyer Agents work to get buyers the best price and terms when they buy a home.

If you have excellent credit and plan to buy a home or condo in 92109 (Pacific Beach) or nearby in San Diego County within 90 days, contact Justin Gramm to hire an agent on your side of the transaction. Call Justin at (858) 437-2662 or E-mail.