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Can You Afford a Special Assessment from Your San Diego Condominium HOA?

Can you afford a special assesment from your San Diego Condo Complex?If you are considering purchasing a condo (as oppposed to a detached home) in San Diego, one thing you should consider as you put the pieces to your condo-buying puzzle together is: Can you afford to pay a special assessment if there ever is one at your condo complex (and what's the probability of that happening)?

What is a special assessment?

As an owner in a condominium in San Diego, you own the space between the walls of your condo and a fraction of the common areas of the complex. Every month, you pay your HOA fee (whether it's $200/mo or $1,500/mo), and so do all the other homeowners in your complex (hopefully). The HOA's board of directors takes the money everyone is paying every month and pays for all the ongoing expenses that the complex has (landscaping, maintaining the common areas, painting, fixing this, fixing that, etc.). They also should be setting money aside every month for savings (also known as "condo reserves"). What happens if a complex only has $100,000 in reserves and they happen upon a major expense that must be completed that costs $200,000? Obviously, they don't have enough money, so they have to ask all the homeowners to chip in. If there are 50 units in the complex, and they need $100,000, then they would need to ask each homeowner to chip in an extra $2,000 that month (on top of their normal monthly dues). When I say "ask" I really mean "tell." That is considered a special assessment, and if you're buying a San Diego condo in this market, you need to consider the possibility of being hit with one at some point.

Just like any family living in any home, a condo complex needs to have money set aside for future repairs. What happens if a large percentage of the homeowners are not paying their monthly dues? The HOA may be struggling to pay the monthly expenses, let alone putting aside any money for reserves. What if the HOA mismanages their money? The HOA could have plenty of money coming in, but if they spend it wrong, they could be hurting financially. Every year, San Diego condo complexes are required to hire an outside accounting firm to perform a Reserves Study. The study may show that the HOA has reserves that are more than 100% funded, 52% funded, 11% funded (or whatever it is). If the reserves are poorly funded the Reserve Study will recommend either a significant increase in monthly dues or a special assessment (or both).

How much could it be?

It just depends on how much the HOA needs. A special assessment could be any amount.

How to proceed?

Work closely with your San Diego exclusive buyer agent to determine the "financial health" of the HOA in any condo complex you are considering. If you are not working with an agent who is explaining the importance of the HOA's financial health, consider hiring an exclusive buyer's agent who is looking out for your interests and is advising you on all the important real estate matters pertinent to your purchase transaction.

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