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What is a home warranty?

San Diego Buyers Broker - Home Warranty QuestionsQ: What is a home warranty?

A: A home warranty provides homeowners with quick, reliable, and inexpensive repairs to most appliances and systems in a home or condo.

A home warranty can be bought for most homes in San Diego from one of many different home warranty companies. I encourage home buyers to look at all the different home warranty coverages available to you to determine what you want covered on your home. I typically encourage you to ask the seller to pay for a one-year home warranty (and many times a seller will agree to pay for this through the negotiations of the purchase contract). However, the seller may have only agreed to pay a certain amount or may not have agreed to buy one at all. It's still a good idea to have one in place, so that you're covered for any unexpected repairs that are bound to happen at some point in your first year of owning your new home (you may also be able to extend the warranty each subsequent year by paying the renewal fee).

Home warranties typically cover electrical, heating, AC, plumbing, appliances, etc. Look through the details of your home warranty brochure and determine which coverages make the most sense for you. Whenever there are repairs needed for the covered items (let's say your dishwasher starts making funny sounds or a pipe is leaking under the kitchen sink), all you do is call your warranty company, and they send a local contractor out to peform the repair (and you pay a service fee for each claim you make). The two things I like the most about home warranties are that I know how much the repair is going to cost me (the service fee is $55 for the home warranty on my house), and I don't have to spend any time trying to find a reputable contractor to do the work (the warranty company picks the contractors for you and sends your contact information to them to schedule an appointment).

One key point I like my clients to know: I do not get paid at all for recommending you to buy a home warranty. I recommend them because I believe in them. I only get paid what you and I agreed I would get paid at the beginning of working together.

Some warranty companies allow you to make changes to your warranty coverage up to 30 days after the purchase has been completed, so you could potentially make changes after you're done buying the house. However, it's best to think it through early and make a decision about the coverages you want, rather than put it off for later. Call or email me if you neeed a copy of a home warranty brochure.





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