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San Diego Real Estate Agent for Buyers - Review from Recent Clients, Maria & Richard

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San Diego Real Estate Agent for Buyers - Client ReviewI worked with Maria and Richard earlier this year (and helped them buy a home in Escondido). Each client always has specific needs, and I'm always adjusting to the needs of each new client. In the case of Richard and Maria, they were literally in the middle of relocating to San Diego (Richard was still in Utah getting their home sold, while Maria had moved to San Diego to start her new job and find them a home)! Neither one of them were very familiar with all the different neighborhoods in San Diego, and it just so happens that they were buying in a price point with a lot of distressed homes. We looked at a lot of homes and neighborhoods together, until we found the right property (in fact, we searched for weeks before Maria was ready to make an informed decision). She fell in love with a house, but the seller wasn't being reasonable in price. Richard and Maria could have afforded the home at the higher price (but from the research we did together, we didn't think it was a fair price), so we decided to walk away from the negotiating table and keep looking.


A couple weeks later we found another property that they felt would make a good home. In the course of negotiating with this seller, what do you know, we were contacted by the previous seller of the home they liked the most (the unreasonable one). It turns out, he didn't have buyers lined up to buy the house like he had previously suggested/thought, and he was now willing to come down to Richard and Maria's price! It was a roller coaster, but it ended up turning out great for my clients. Here's the email I received from Maria not too long ago:


"Justin, here are some notes about my experience with you: I moved to San Diego from Utah around 3 months ago and needed to find a house for my family (my husband, 3 inside dogs, and of course we couldn't leave the cat!). Justin was recommended by somebody, and my husband called him. Justin called back and talked to both of us on the phone while we were still in Utah, explaining what an exclusive buyer agent is, etc. We decided to go with him, though I was not very sure about it, and made a contract for only a month. I came to San Diego by myself, and my husband stayed behind with the family in Utah.


Justin was incredible since the beginning! He gave me more than enough information, so that I could understand the real estate situation in San Diego. We saw over 100 homes together! He is very polite, easygoing, and he does not talk too much (like some other agents I've met). He gave me the time and space I needed to make a decision. After 2 weeks he really knew what I liked in a home, so the search became more specific. He helped with the negotiations, and he was there for me in situations when I really missed my husband at my side.


I am very thankful for Justin's kindness, and I will recommend him to anybody. I got the home that I liked the best, and for a good price! Thank you, Justin! Thank you for all your help!"

~Maria (and Richard)


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Globella Buyers Realty > About > Testimonials > Review from Richard and Maria


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    Gosh isn't it the best feeling in the world to have someone care enough to write a glowing review of you?! Well done Justin Gramm. Way to do your work to the glory of God!!

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