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The Importance of Reading Your Professional Property Inspection Report

Professional property inspection report for San Diego home buyers.Once you've completed the inspection of the home you're buying with your inspector, the inspector will send you a written report of his/her findings. I have yet to come across a home that didn't have something wrong with it (no matter how new or how pricy the home was). In my mind, the overall purposes of the inspection and the report are for the home buyer to become educated about the home and for the home buyer to be made aware of any specific problems the inspector found on the property. Assuming you have an investigation contingency clause in your purchase contract, you will have a decision to make after you read the inspector's report: Does any of this new information cause you to consider changing your mind about the purchase or not?

I advise my clients to read their inspection report(s) in their entirety and to be clear about any items listed in the report(s). If the report calls for additional inspections to be made in specific areas of the house, you should hire those inspections to be performed while you still have an investigation contingency clause in your contract. The reports are typically pretty cut and dry. Most reports have pictures of the items being called-out along with a written description of the problem.

Your job is to determine how much these problems affect your initial decision to purchase the property. It is possible to ask the seller to perform specific repairs to the home, but (depending on the seller) he/she may not agree to the repairs (of course, when they do agree to the repairs it is wonderful). If that is the case, it may be in your best interest to cancel the transaction and find another property (or if the repairs are not significant in your mind, you may decide to move forward with the purchase). Either way (no matter what you decide), your Globella exclusive buyer agent will be there for you as your teammate throughout the purchase process.


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  1. Gravatar San Diego Home Inspector

    Thanks for the article Justin. You are right in your comment regarding that no home is perfect. We do home warranty inspections in San Diego and even new homes have their flaws. Building oversights, shortcuts, you name it. With older homes, the inspection report can amount to a laundry list of items, some minor and some more significant. As a buyer it is important to put these issues in perspective to determine if they want to move forward with the purchase or back out.

  2. Gravatar Manhattan Beach

    A good point you mentioned is that an inspection contingency is critical to a good purchase contract. Unless you're buying investment property AS IS that you already know is extremely dilapidated, buyers should ALWAYS opt for the inspection contingency! If nothing else, it can make good negotiation fodder should material defects be identified.

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