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You Must Taste the Blueberry Fillet Mignon at Acqua al 2 in Downtown San Diego

Acqua al 2 in Downtown San Diego serves Fillet Mignon with Blueberry SauceSeveral years ago, my sister spent a semester studying abroad in Florence, Italy. When my other sister and I went to visit her that spring, she introduced us to her favorite restaurant, Acqua al 2 (pronounced, "DOO-eh"). The authentic Italian food was amazing, but what was even more amazing was when we found out that the owner had one other restaurant in the entire world... and it just so happened to be located in downtown San Diego! In fact, this restaurant was a sister-restaurant with an identical menu to the Florence location! Well, it's since become a family favorite, and I rarely go there without ordering the Fillet Mignon with Blueberry Sauce (Fileno al Mirtilio). I know, it sounds really weird, but you must trust me on this one; the Fileno al Mirtilio is spectacular!

Of course, their pasta is also to-die-for. If you go with a group, it's fun to order the pasta sampler as an appetizer. They just keep bringing out more and more delicious pastas as you pass them around the table, family-style. It's also fun to see the dishes that patrons have decorated hanging on all the walls (many of which are signed by famous athletes and celebrities).

I heard that they recently opened a third location in Washington, D.C., so I truly hope I can make it there some day (Guess what I'll be ordering... Can anyone say, "Fillet Mignon with Blueberry Sauce"?!). Next time I go, I'll be looking for your dish on the wall!

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