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San Diego State Wins Double-Overtime Nail-Biter - Set to Play UConn in NCAA Sweet 16

San Diego State Basketball Wins in Double OvertimeWhat an amazing season it's been so far for the Aztecs! They have been setting school records all season long, and they are now the first San Diego State Mens Basketball team to ever earn a trip to the NCAA Sweet 16. San Diego State played brilliantly at times and horribly at other times, but they somehow pulled out a heart-stopping win against a very good Temple team (and it only took two halves and two overtime periods to get the job done). It wasn't pretty, but OH IT FEELS SO GOOD to be an Aztec fan right now. I'm sure I wasn't the only one honking his horn like a crazy person as I drove down the 15-freeway on my way home from a Saturday at work, but then again... how would I know? Between the horn, the radio on full blast, and me yelling in amazement, how would I have heard if anyone else was as excited as I was that the Aztecs won that game?!?!

It has been such a feel-good season for the Aztecs this year, that every part of me wanted them to be able to continue this magical ride that this season has been. I was feeling pretty good when they were up by 11 late in the first half, but when the score was tied at 54 with 25 seconds left, I could hardly even listen (let alone steer straight) as I drove my car home from a long day at work. Later that night, as I watched other teams lose (and saw star players from those teams break down in tears after realizing their dreams of going to the Final Four were smashed), I understood why I cared so much. The NCAA Tournament is a very special competition. To have the success that the Aztecs have had this year is very rare, and we San Diegans better milk this experience for all it's worth. The Aztecs' next opponent will be their toughest test yet (UConn next Thursday), and all I can hope is that they finally put together a game where they are hitting on all cylinders (and give the UConn players and coaches a run for their money.. and show the country what San Diego is made of...). Go Aztecs!

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