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Restaurant Buy One Entree Get One Free Deals in San Diego, CA - Passport Unlimited

While I'm constantly looking for "deals" for my home-buyer clients, I also love finding good deals on dining out! I discovered Passport Unlimited a couple years ago. If you love to dine out and go to nice restaurants, you should really look into the Passport Card. At the time I am writing this post there are tons of restaurants around San Diego County that accept the Passport Card. The typical deal is buy one entree and get a second entree free (no drink purchase required). The best part is the list of restaurants that accept the card: places like Island Prime (or C-Level), Vigiluccis, Acqua Al 2, Corvette Diner, etc. If you're in the mood for an expensive steak, fish, or lobster, you can get the second one free (saving you a good $40+), or you can go get a $10 burger with the second one free and have a cheaper meal at a decent restaurant.

There is a wide variety of restaurants to choose from, including many great ethnic restaurants (I've been to most of the Indian food restaurants on the card). I think you can buy the card for about $100 or so for one year, and you can use it as many times as you want (you can even go back to your favorite restaurant over and over with the card). At the end of your meal, you just give the card to your waiter/waitress when  he/she brings the bill. They swipe the card into their computer and it takes an entree off the bill. Most restaurants normally add an automatic 18% gratuity to the bill (based on the total before the discount), but in my mind you should be tipping that much anyways.

If you are open to buying gifts, you can get the price down to around $40 per card (for the year) if you buy 10 or more (last time I checked). You can put your business name/phone number or whatever on the card if you give it as a gift, so for businesses it's considered a marketing write-off (of course, I'm not tax expert, so check with your accountant on that).

Find out more at their website: http://passportunlimited.com/.

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