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FAQ - What is Sandicor? ...A Brief Description of Sandicor, the San Diego MLS

What is Sandicor? MLSSan Diego home buyers often wonder, "What is Sandicor?" Here's a background and brief history. In a nutshell, Sandicor is the San Diego Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for REALTORS®. What this means, is that every REALTOR® who signs a listing ageement with a seller, inputs the listing (within 24 hours) into Sandicor. Since all San Diego County REALTORS® are required to put their listings into Sandicor, it is a large database of homes for sale throughout San Diego County. At any given time, there are thousands of active listings in the Sandicor database. Any other REALTOR® who is a member of Sandicor has immediate access to the information that is inputted into Sandicor. This is the main way that real estate agents learn about new listings, comparable sales data, showing instructions, etc.

There is only one true MLS in San Diego County, and that is Sandicor. In fact, any other website that claims to be the MLS (but in fact is receiving a feed from the Sandicor MLS) violates the MLS rules and regulations.

In the past few years, Sandicor (like many REALTOR® MLS companies) has agreed to share portions of its data with real estate websites such as REALTOR.com, Trulia, Zillow, and http://globella.com/. This agreement has opened up a wealth of information to prospective San Diego home buyers, but it has not offered the full benefits of the MLS. Only actual paying members of Sandicor have access to the confidential remarks, showing instructions, lockbox codes, "real-time" information (all the other sites get a feed from Sandicor that must be updated as frequently as the site wishes, so many sites can have stale data if they don't update frequently), etc. 

There are four Associations of REALTORS® in San Diego County, and these four associations together are the owners of Sandicor. Sandicor has been in existence since 1991. Learn more about Sandicor at http://www.sandicor.com/.


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