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Hiring an Exclusive Buyer's Agent

How Video Can Help Out of Town and Relocation Buyers

San Diego Buyer Agent - Videos Help Home BuyersOne of the major benefits of hiring a San Diego exclusive buyer agent to represent you on your home purchase is having someone who is committed to doing whatever it takes to help you find the right home (it's like having your own personal home-shopping assistant). For buyers who live out of town (who may be relocating to San Diego or buying a vacation home here), there is only so much time you have to be here in San Diego looking for homes. The internet truly helps, giving you the ability to review pictures, details, maps, etc. of all the active listings... but pictures and virtual tours have their limits. The truth is that what the pictures show and what the home actually looks like can be very different. It can be very discouraging to walk into a home that looked wonderful online, only to find that it's a dump (or just not what you had expected).

I've found that certain clients benefit from having their exclusive buyer agent preview all the possible listings and shoot video of each one. A video shot by your own buyer's agent will typically include footage that a listing agent might not include (such as what the neighborhood looks like outside the home, what the view looks like from each window, how far the home is from power lines, possible problems with the home, etc.). At the end of the day, I send the videos to you for your review via email or YouTube. Of course, we need the seller's permission first, but I've found that many are amenable to it (they want to sell the home).

This is a time-consuming task, and it's not necessary for most clients (as most want to see inside each home themselves). However, it is a possibility, and it is something I've done in the past. The only thing Globella requires (when asked to do something like this) is for a portion of Globella's compensation to be paid in advance (as a non-refundable deposit). This ensures that Globella gets compensated for the extra time invested even if you end up deciding not to buy or put your search on hold for a while. If this is something that interests you, call Globella to schedule a free, no obligation Buyer Strategy Session to discuss all your options.

As an exclusive buyer's brokerage, we've found that each buyer is different. Each has differerent needs, desires, personalities, and expectations, so we have learned to truly customize our service to fit each client's needs. Video is just one example of how we are able to customize our service to fit a specific need.


Justin Gramm is the founder and principal broker of Globella Buyers Realty, your San Diego Exclusive Buyer Brokerage. He also writes this blog, "For San Diego Home Buyers."

Exclusive Buyer Agents do not list homes for sale and never represent sellers. They have no "inventory" to try to sell you. They can represent you in purchasing any home. They are specialists at representing buyers only on the buyers' side of the transaction. Exclusive Buyer Agents work to get buyers the best price and terms when they buy a home.

If you have excellent credit and plan to buy a home or condo in San Diego County within 90 days, contact Justin Gramm to hire an agent on your side of the transaction. Call Justin at (858) 437-2662 or  E-mail. 


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