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8 San Diego Real Estate Investing Tactics

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1. Buy Short Sales in San Diego
2010 will be remembered as the year of the short sale. Depending on what you're looking for, short sales could make up 10-75% of all available properties. However, buying a short sale in San Diego could cause you more frustration than you care to deal with. Learn more about buying a short sale in San Diego.

2. Buy Bank-Owned REOs in San Diego
Short sales can be time-consuming and difficult transactions to complete, which is why bank-owned REOs are appealing to many San Diego investors who want a quick transaction and clear title. If you’re in the market for a San Diego home, you may be tempted by the low prices on bank-owned properties. 4 Things to Know Before Buying San Diego Foreclosures

3. Buy at a Foreclosure Auction at the County Steps
Lenders are becoming more willing to discount opening bids at public foreclosure auctions, giving knowledgeable and careful investors an opportunity to buy far below market value. However, buying at the public foreclosure auction requires significant amounts of cash and does not typically allow for a full inspection of a property prior to bidding.

4. Buy and Hold
Rental rates in some areas of San Diego comfortably provide a monthly cash flow after mortgage, taxes, insurance and other expenses that come with owning investment property.With prices at 2003-or-lower levels, buyers might want to consider buying low now and renting until the housing market recovers.

5. Buy and Flip
If you're not interested in becoming a landlord, you might want to consider buying and flipping foreclosures or short sales. Some savvy investors buy foreclosed homes for cash at the County courthouse and then quickly sell them for a profit to San Diego homebuyers and investors.

6. Buy a Vacation Home in San Diego
If you're like most people, you've been hoping for years to be able to buy a vacation home in San Diego. A well-purchased vacation home gives you an inexpensive place to land periodically throughout the year for some rest and relaxation, but it also can generate rental revenue when you’re not using it. Maybe now is the right time for you to buy that dream vacation home or condo you've been waiting for.

7. Pay With Cash
Cash buyers appeal to banks and other sellers because their offers can be closed quickly and without the contingency of final loan approval.

8. Hire a San Diego Exclusive Buyer Agent (Globella Buyers Realty)
Buying a home in San Diego is a time-consuming task. Protect your investment by hiring an expert on your side of the transaction, the buyer's side. We can help you put together a strategy to purchase any type of home for sale in San Diego County (whether it's being sold at auction, by a REALTOR®, for-sale-by-owner, etc.).  Contact us today.

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